What Social Justice Mediation Institute participants have said about the training...


“This was an amazing, informative experience that has definitely changed my practice. I have been in so many mediation experiences that I felt ignored oppressive dynamics and I feel much more comfortable now incorporating your model to help with that. Keep up this incredibly important work!”

“Wonderful! Very thoroughly thought-out. I appreciated the balance between theory and practice.”

"I work for a foundation and I use the skills from your training often. I'm a huge advocate for your mediation training, and think everyone (especially those in philanthropy and police+community relations) should participate!"

“I am trained as a 'qualified neutral' - a form of mediation that complies with some state's requirements to practice - so I've been involved in a range of mediation trainings. The Social Justice Mediation Institute is exemplary and extraordinary in the consciousness it brings to power analysis, and how to work effectively with oppressive systems. Besides the superb content, the trainers bring a wealth and depth of personal integrity, which they skillfully telegraph to students in ways that make it irresistible to emulate. I am so grateful this training exists." Educator, Writer, Mediator

“I am using my skills learned from the two of you at every mediation. I can't say enough about how it changed my perspective as a mediator. Keep doing what you're doing." Attorney/Judge/Mediator

“What I learned at the Institute has completely shifted the framework through which I view nearly everything. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but it was a transformational week for me." University Administrator

"As a Career Education professional working to improve the relationship of marginalized communities to our office, the SJMI training has been instrumental in providing us a framework for bringing the concealed and unheard perspectives of our diverse student communities to the surface. Surfacing and listening to those stories and perspectives is the best way for us to truly understand how we can work with our diverse communities to make our services more inclusive." Career Education Administrator

“Roleplay practices were great! I learned a ton by actually working through issues – transitioning from theory to practice.  I became more confident in my mediation skills.”

“Extremely excellent. True highlights. Exceptionally skillful. Heartwarming.”

“Awesome job!! Made me feel comfortable at all times and welcomed.”

"Since taking your course I have used the skills taught in your course on a regular basis in both my work and personal life...I truly believe that the skills a gained from social justice mediation have helped shape me into the person I am today, so I thank you both endlessly!"

“I’ve always felt uncomfortable talking about identity issues because of my identity and of how/where I was raised. You provided a place for me to explore these issues, confront my ignorance and get over my fears of addressing these problems. I can say now that I see them, I will do my best to fix them, and I’m no longer afraid to speak up and out. Confidence, beyond anything else, is the most valuable thing I’ve learned.”

“Your deep familiarity with the content and process made it possible for you to ‘teach without notes’ without sacrificing content.”

“The trainers were all very appreciated. Rare mix. Stellar. To be straightforward and at the same time it’s 'not about you' is so generous and skillful. You do a fabulous job of bringing your transparent selves and your skill-sets in balance and in a nuanced way."

“Absolutely fantastic!”

“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing week of training, I learned so much and can't wait to use all of it in my life and in my career! It was way more than I could have even hoped for, so thank you so much!" Undergraduate Student, Senior

“The packet that I received during your mediation training is among the reading material that I packed with me. It outlines the mediation process while using the social justice lens.I have told people about the training and how useful it has been.One thing I always tell people is how the training draws in such an interesting crowd, it's great!" Peace Corps Volunteer